Metro Athletic Conference 2021 Breakdown


From what I can tell on Joeeitel, there hasn't been one team win more than 1 playoff game in any given year since the league was formed

I guess it would depend on how the 2020 season is viewed. Every team was allowed into the state football tournament. Were those first couple games actual ‘playoff’ games? If you say yes, then Streetsboro did win 2 games. If you toss out that opening win against a Niles team that was nowhere near being a playoff qualifier, then they only won 1 game.


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It sounds as if Springfield might be moving to 8 man or folding the program, such a travesty.
that's what happens when the community doesn't go out and support the school system. Have heard rumors that the new HC is already looking at other options to take a opportunity at. Don't blame the guy when the school wont even be around in 3-4 years


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Huge mistake for Coventry. The guy is an awful coach and even worse of a personality.
if they are smart they’ll keep him away from QBs. Never played there and has no knowledge of the position. Can’t even demonstrate a basic drop back.