McKinley and the Federal League


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The bottom line is the money, it doesn't matter how many years ago, McKinley makes out better financially in the Federal League then they would as a INDY. The Administration doesn't want to get into the same situation that Massillon currently has, which is that their AD desperately wants to get them into a league, but there is no league in NE Ohio that will take Massillon. You know when your rejected out of hand by the Suburban League, then you really have zero options in regards to joining a league. Massillon applying to Suburban was completely money driven, they see the writing on the wall, McKinley has no reason to put themselves into the same situation that Massillon is in! Yes, I realize the myopic Tiger fans will say they don't need a league, or dont want a league, but I can state with 100% confidence if they could join the FED or Suburban, the AD would jump on the chance. Louisville is in a similar situation as Massillon, but their situation is worse, they can't offer the payouts that Massillon can to bring teams in for home games, and outside of joining the FED (where they would be a middle to bottom team in football), the Leopards really have no league options and will not have the same success as Massillon being an Indy. Massillon football will always be good no matter if they are an Indy, or in a league, but it's all about the money, and if they get the opportunity to join a league (FED or Suburban are the only realistic options), they will take the opportunity in a heart beat contrary to what many of their fans on this site will say!
That is right on the nose!!!!!!!
Give that man a cigar!!!!! (old saying)


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The guy that the CCS system just hired to over see all athletic programs I think from Lake all but assures McKinley will be in the Federal League for years to come.


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You forgot to add, that McKinley actually won a legit title on the field, something Massillon has not been able to win a title on the field.
I didn't forget anything, I just want to hear the haters admit that poll tiles do indeed count. I give McK credit and respect for every title they've won, others could do likewise.