Mason Fans Provide Home Field Advantage


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Is it just me or have the Mason soccer fans been absolutely spectacular? I easily give the edge to Mason over Elder just because of their fans providing a home field feel.
Elder will bring a pretty big crowd for tomorrows game. So i don't know if I agree with saying the crowd will give Mason a home field advantage because Elder's "cheering section" was getting into the heads of some of the Wayne players. I think that the cheering section will be bigger than it was on Sat but maybe I'll be wrong. I guess we will just find out.
I do agree that Mason brings many fans and why shouldnt they.
Mason's Fans Dominate

we will own the elder cheering section on tuesday. just ask colerain if we got into their heads.:party:
i was at both games on saturday and both elder and mason had great cheering sections. the turnouts kind of reminded me of a football game. both fans are routy and obnoxious tho, but i would say that mason had a little bit more of a turnout.
It is funny to see how more fans come out the depper the tournament goes. Elder rarely ever gets fans. Only against X and Oak Hills.
mason fans rule but yea we need more people to come and support them. we will get into elders head just as we got into colerain's
I haven't seen the Elder crowd, but Mason was by the far the loudest and most annoying cheering section we played this year. And that was just a regular GMC game, even though it was Mason's first test of the year. The crowd changed the game after they scored to get within one. I can't wait to see Mason's turnout in such a big game. Does anyone know if the game is still at Princeton?
Wait, who are you responding to about the 5-2 score, Loveland or Princeton because we didn't lose 5-2. Hopefully you aren't talking about Princeton so I don't have to post again. Never mind, just saw FUTBOOOL goes to Loveland.
from what ive been hearing, mason should have a big turnout.

elder's fans will be drowned out by the monstrocity of the mason student section.
Is it just me or have the Mason soccer fans been absolutely spectacular? I easily give the edge to Mason over Elder just because of their fans providing a home field feel.

Mason fans know absolutely nothing about soccer. They want a call every time one of their players is touched... It's soccer not basketball, grow some hangy downs.
I heard about a pretty big turnout for each team. However, I was at the Mason-Colerain game and saw the Mason crowd. They really got into the head of some of the Cardinal players. Elder better hope that they can stay level headed tonight if they want to win.
me and my fellow comets owned the cardinals last saturday from the stands.

we will own you tonight panthers!

Originality is the key to any successful cheering section... Mason's had none.

"ALL!" "BOYS!" (Wow... nice one.)
"We have girls!" (Again... intriguing.)

The highlight of the evening was the Panthers' "We have Jesus!" response to the "We have girls!" cheer. That one got me laughing on a number of levels. Brilliant.

"Panthers take Bombers to Prom." (Come on, Mason. You can do better than that.)

"USA! USA! USA!" (directed toward Mason's sweep)... That's how you do it (if you're going to go at things in that manner).

"Number 8 is a rat." While I would have preferred hearing the "Weasel! Weasel!" cheer, this one was so simple and sophomoric that it made me chuckle. Maybe the "Weasel!" chant can come back against Beavercreek?
the "Go MHS pound those p*ssycats" was a good sign

oh and the "keep your pants on" chant was pretty original by mason