Liz Cheney Campaign Ad

Hallelujah. Let's try "America First" again, like the first half of the 20th century.

At what point in time and what action will finally show and convince Liz her political career is long over. Will she have to run for the office of President and get royally embarrassed by no support or will she figure it out before that time?
I guess she could switch parties and run as a Democrat. Wonder how much support she would get from them?
The Left always finds a willing RINO to strike out at other Republicans. Now that she served her purpose to them by delivering her taunts on the Jan 6th show committee, she'll be discarded like a used condom.
I guess she could switch parties and run as a Democrat. Wonder how much support she would get from them?
In Wyoming ? Bubkis

she’s more likely to join Andrew Yang in that alternate party if it gets any traction at all, than to become a Democrat

kind of like no matter how conservative Manchin may have become in any fantasies, he wouldn’t have much of a shot as a Republican in West Virginia
You know the Democrats are loading up on ammo against DeSantis. The assault will be worse than what Trump endured.
Yeah, I realize the Dems media partners will try just as hard to smear DeSantis as they have Trump.

IMHO, it won't "stick" to DeSantis nearly as effectively if he maintains some distance from Trump, because Trump is Trump. His media style made him the only one that could win against the power in the '16 Primary, but it created TDS every bit as much as the media itself did.

I think DeSantis will win in '24 if Trump decides not to run, and also that Trump will win if they can't steal again, but if he runs with Trump and they lose, he'll be Trump-stained and loon-inspiring forever. Whereas if he steps back for Trump as he has done, and Trump wins a second (actually third) and final term, DeSantis will beat Trump's VP in the '28 'Pub Primary, barring some major scandal derailment.

DeSantis has paid his dues and done the heavy lifting to prove himself as Gov of FLA. In his shoes, I would not be Trump's VP. He can't beat Trump nationally yet, maybe he never will in a 'Pub Primary, but he is a better POTUS candidate. He may have to wait. He SHOULD NOT be a VP candidate at this point.