Lakota West 10 Mason 6

I missed this one due to travel!!!!!!! Anyone have the skinny??::D was not good...not good at all. West have better find a solution to this down-year, or they're going to end the season on a negative note :Ohno:

Offense, again, was nowhere to be seen until late in the 4th.
Mason was up 5-3 with thirty seconds left in the 3rd, then they just gave it away. A few mental errors, and it was 5-5 before the end of the 3rd. Got to say that Grant Hunter is an amazing defensemen, and Ozzy is an excellent goalie.
mason looked fine and was playing good, until 30 sec left in the third, a couple defensive/goalie errors were made and the game slipped away...Mason's JV looked good also winning 9-2