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Ill take the overall athletic accomplishments of any ptc school in the last decade over a lot of schools. Of course, it helps that I care about all sports.

I totally agree. It may not be a superior conference compared to the Suburban or CVC but the demographics are much different. The Suburban has larger more affluent schools, CVC although comparable in size have a variety of resources that PTC schools do not. Calling it the worst conference in the state is a slap in the face and ignorant statement. Every PTC school has at least a few sports in girls or boys in which they are one of the top teams in area and also some very successful collegiate and professional alumni. Coventry produced James Harrison, Crestwood Jack Lambert, Kent Tom DeLeone and Rootstown Brian McClure. I'm sure there are many other notable players over the years I'm missing. But point is you are comparing apples to oranges.


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Kent, unfortunately, has gone down for various reasons. But with football, their little league and middle school aren't what they used to be.

It really takes the right individual to go into that community and not only be a friday night guy or X and O guy. But a guy that wants to be in the community and is willing to work with the demographics that they have there. It can still work. And I agree that they made a mistake with jumping leagues.
While I think all the comments are valid here. From being in Kent and witnessing woeful football. This new coach has a big challenge. The facilities are less than ideal. Weight room was already mentioned. Stadium/field isn't great but could be. Kids in the school don't even know what sporting events are taking place. The good news is that he can't do worse.

It is my belief that that new coach needs to amp up the discipline and walk those halls and get kids out. The numbers are unbelievably low for a school that size. I watched a kid lose it last year during a scrimmage and throw his equipment, drop various versions of the F bomb and walk out. I then watched a coach chase the kid down and talk him into coming back on the sideline. I don't know the backstory but how do you manage that one incident amongst the rest of the team without losing some of them? Before someone says athletes are different today, hang fire, a kid with discipline by a coach that cares about them will run through fire in a gasoline suit. Sorry to channel Pete Rose saying there, but from what little coaching experience I have, I had many players labeled by administrators and other parents do a great job once they new the rules and the head coach was the boss and they new they could trust the coach. Sorry for the soapbox all but dang it I want Kent to WIN!


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I haven't really had my fingers on the pulse at kent since they abandoned the PTC. From what I gather, Kent at this point rivals the Browns in the kind of dysfunction they have going on. It is definitely clear you cant blame "private school recruiting", like my colleagues might be all too willing to do, if athletes would be willing to leave for lunch money. With that being said, what is this new coach going to do to mend this dysfunction? Again, I will reference the browns, and all those quarterbacks, gms, and quarterbacks, we have placed our hopes in the last 20 years, that failed us. No they did not fail the Browns, the dysfunctional organization failed the Browns. I hope for Kent's sake, that this coach will resolve Kents problems. My question is how?


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Something that hasn’t been mentioned a lot is the youth program. KYFB directors are a revolving door, they change annually it seems. HS coaches have not been engaged with the youth program either. The culture of the youth program has really dropped over the past 10 years. Lots of dysfunction and allegations of finance manipulation has turned a lot of people off and they go to Stow or other programs that are run better. Half or better of Kent’s residents are at the poverty level and the costs to play sometimes can’t be absorbed by those that can pay. What is left is dysfunction that continues through the middle school on into high school. It is a issue with leadership. At all levels. Hopefully new coach can change that but he must get involved at all 3 levels, youth, MS and HS.