Isn't this guy on Yappi?

Tigers53 should be banned for not giving Yappi a shoutout on TV when given the chance. Think of the big picture!
Isn't he the guy that was getting married a month or so back ? Is he on a perma-ban, or no time to burn on here, or what ?

bcf? I'm pretty sure bcf said he would be gone from this site for a while. He usually only posts while at work and wanted to focus on his new job.
What a brilliant marketing strategy. I am sure the advertisement guys are signing contract after contract seeing how much fun it is now. Disappearing post, disappearing shout page, disappearing people. It is yappi's site, he can do what he sees fit. Most places that try and make money will ask for input from the customers (users) who post the most and are able to get responses from what they post.