Inside Lacrosse Regional Rankings

Big Week in Ohio LAX

These will change given Kilbourne spanked Jerome 16-3 yesterday.

Some huge games in the next week should give a good indication where the strength is in Ohio this season:

Moeller vs. Kilbourne on 4/4
Moeller vs. UA on 4/5
St. X vs. Scioto 4/5
Jerome vs. UA on 4/9
Kilbourne vs. Coffman 4/9

X has most of their tough Columbus games late in the season but Scioto should be a good test to see where they may stack up.

Should be a great week of lacrosse!
St. X came back from a 7-1 defecit and beat Scioto 11-10 in OT

Moeller lost to Worthington Kilbourne 18-8

Well done X!! It is always a good thing when a Cincinnati team wins! Moeller was hanging with UA in the first quarter and continued to play extremely hard till the end. Few key mistakes(atleast 6 overthrown passes...shouldn't be happening at this level of play),and a rock solid UA defense made it hard for Moeller to get anything going offensely. In spite of the fact that Moe is missing 2 key players(Catino is back BUT not 100% yet), The defense worked really hard and are talented indivduals... the defensive coach could probably gain some insight and knowledge by watching some UA tapes...