How much leeway would most Ohio administrations give...


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a coach in his third season, who has accumulated records of 4-7 and 1-9 in his first two seasons coaching the team? Michigan HOF Coach Noel Dean is currently entering his third season at Tift County, in Region 1-6A. And although he faces a rather daunting task, I feel that he may need to make the playoffs and register a couple of wins, to stay employed.

As an aside, he may not have needed to shoot his mouth off, about having the Blue Devils in the State Championship by year two. And until next season, his team is not even playing in the highest classification in the state. Next season, he would be tasked with competing with the likes of nationally ranked Valdosta, Lee Co., and Colquitt, as well as Coffee (Tyreek Hills alma mater) Lowndes and Camden. What type of progress does he need to experience in year three?