Hearing that Alter's men's soccer coach is suddenly out.



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Just goes to show you really don’t know people… AD should’ve done her background check. He was also the freshmen baseball coach at Centerville and JV assistant at Alter. Been told he’s been fired from both of them as he should be.


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Stolen Valor. What a POS.

Don Shipley outs fake navy SEALs and it gets quite intense at times. Was a special kind of stupid in minster a few years ago with a local guy claiming to be a SEAL.


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Like how soon as he was asked a question regarding his wife he could not hear anything. Almost as if making him acknowledge that she knew the truth was too hard on his ego.

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This dude was also one of the many first steps into the complete demolition of the Thunder United club. Yeah coaches and parents, we are moving to the paid professional coaches model it will be great........

Yo Kobe tell me how my #$$ tastes!

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Soo. What has happened with the investigation by Safe Sport on ex HS coach now sleazy club guru at CUP? the guy is a loser and so is CUP for keeping him on staff at any capacity.
Nothing will happen. Just like nothing happened when he got 3 DUIs and still was kept by CUP (and hired by Wyoming) during all of that.


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Let's not forget that Fenwick suddenly fired Ron Fernandez. This was after his first year coaching Fenwick I believe to a regional final. I'm not sure why Fenwick fired him...


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3 DUI’s? I would assume that would equate to some actual jail time…in addition to not being hired as a hs coach…