GMC Tennis


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We all know X will dominate team tennis and Allare is due to take home the title this year for D1. What do you think of the GMC? I think Sycamore is the only team with a chance of beating X this year, probably through stacking, and West has got Hammning who will do well in state...
hamning goes to east

and west has broda, lippert, and arozarena

2 sophmores and a freshman who all have potential do good in state
I think Walnut Hills is the only D1 school with any legit chance to beat X with Star and Stuckey who can win at 1 and 2 and then hope Roodhouse has a career day at 3rd singles.. Sycamore has Berry who could and should win but Berstein cant beat whoever X puts at 2 and Martin and Aerenstein are alright but not up to X
I never get East and West right, but it's not important individually. Like I said, Sycamore has a shot at X with some stacking, but still unlikely.
walnut hills is bad they wont have a chance agaist x
sycamore will give x a good match

indian hills is going to be amazing this year their singles are
1. Andrew McCarthy
2. Devin McCarthy
3. Billy Strunk

indian hills will be real hard to beat i think if they played x they would beat them but idk if they do
i dont think you know sycamore and walnut to well then.... sycamore has the best player in berry but NO1 else good enough to give X a match and Walnut has 2 players that have potential in beating X with roodhouse (walnuts 3rd) with the same chance as berstein (sycamore 2nd) of beating all of the solid players at X
With the Indian Hill St.Xavier matchup that will have 4 GREAT matches with a slight edge to IH in 3 of the 4 and then X with the great depth taking 2nd doubles for sure