GlenOak Coaching Position Open


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Hackenberg had been hired into the league in 2016 the same time Chad Spurgeon became Perry's coach. After their previous success at St. Thomas Aquinas and New Philadelphia much interest and hope followed their hiring.


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I always thought GO had a better team then their record showed the last 4-5 years. They always seemed to give games away and find a way to lose.


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they force him out or did a candidate they liked better come sniffing around?

Rick wouldn't be a bad hire though

Bull GreenDog

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Well good luck with him. What will happen is GlenOak will not be very good and he'll take kids from McKinley. Both schools loose in the end.
From what I read on the McKinley thread, the Pups might be having some trouble keeping their middle school players in the district. Perhaps Glen Oak believes that by hiring a former McKinley coach, they can build their program by attracting transfers?