Friday Finals (Week 3)


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Hoban 35
Walsh Jesuit 34
2 OT

Walsh's try for 2 points for the win, with a hook & ladder play, falls just short
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Gahanna 26
Centerville 24

Here is how it went down with just under a minute to go.

Elks get a huge stop and sack on 2nd down, Gahanna is forced to use their last time out and it will be 3rd and 14th from their own 44-yard line with 31 seconds left in the game and no timeouts left

It will now be fourth down and 3 with 23 seconds left from the Elks 45-yard line

Gahanna converts the fourth down and the Elks are called for targeting which will move the ball down to the Elks 18 yard line with 12 seconds remaining. Look for Gahanna to throw the ball in the end zone

Gahanna completes the ball down to the 4-yard line and with four seconds we will have one more play to decide the game. Let's go defense let's get a stop

The Elks call and time out. With 4 seconds left in the ball on the 4 yard line the Elks are looking for one more defensive stop.

The Elks are called for pass interference with 1 second remaining so Gahanna will get one more play from the 2-yard line.
We have a timeout on the field for an injured player

Here we go one play will decide the game. Gahanna has the ball on the 2-yard line on the right hash

Gahanna QB runs the ball in as time expires to hand the Elks their first loss of the season 26-24.


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Thought this one was only 2 OTs.
you’re right. My post has been corrected.
I was thinking of EagleFan because he’s been using that score (and # of OTs) for 26 years! ?