Freshman Talent


Yes...stars in the making & the ones we will chat about in the future....but not a quality program in the city that starts a true freshman.....
Winton Woods started two freshman at outside mid: Chhayly Chea and Jay Barnes. Both were key to their team's turn around and tournament run this season, look for big things these next three years.
Mikey Roat from Kings and Chris Bailer from Talawanda started most of the year. Roat scored the tying goal in the 2nd half against Elder Saturday and Chris Bailer scored 9 or 10 goals this year. I think Lakota East started a freshman at keeper some this year.
Troy Ward and Ben Slagater from Lakota East.
There are two goalies from east with potential as well but thats it from east
What about the 2 Oak hills freshman #19 michael beam and #5 chris lehan (also plays for jv)

I know Lehan is pretty talented. Which of the two is better? Don't know if I remember Beam. Hopefully their new coach turns the program around. Always good soccer players at Oak Hills. Isn't like the first or second biggest public school in the state. It's up their in the nation too. Enrollment is like 3000+ I heard.
Mauricio Trujilla from Mason will play a HUGE role in Mason's soccer in the years to come.. great ball skills for a freshman.. expect great things from him
As for who is better between Michael Beam and Chris Lehan i would have to go with Beam.....He is quicker,stronger,has good ball skills and will grow more power on his shots.Even tho i am his friend i have been to alot of games and the Lehan kid only played about 8 min a game as to Beam who had some starts but lots of playing time.

Bean has to grow another 7 inches to be even a threat in soccer. But we will see how he does come his junior and senior year. I was not to impressed this year, although I tell myself he is only a freshman so Ill give him 2 years, so we will see.