Finals comments

Does Mason Parris get the Hodge now that Lee, RBY, and Carr lost? Seems like he should. Going strictly by their criteria he has to get it over Yianni.
Does Mason Parris get the Hodge now that Lee, RBY, and Carr lost? Seems like he should. Going strictly by their criteria he has to get it over Yianni.
Alirez, Starocci, O'Connor, Bonnacorsi, and Parris all went undefeated, let's stick with those five. The official criteria from the website is as follows:
"The Dan Hodge Trophy is based on seven criteria including record, number of pins, dominance, past credentials, quality of competition, sportsmanship/citizenship and heart".

I'm ignoring sportsmanship, citizen, and heart- I have no way of judging that, I don't believe any of the five have been arrested or suspended or anything.

1. Record- All have no losses. If you want to reward guys who wrestled more (I will!), it would go Parris-Alirez-Starocci-O'Connor-Bonaccorsi
2. Pins- List is Parris (11), Alirez (7), Starocci (4), O'Connor (4), Bonaccorsi (0)
3. Dominance- going by bonus rate, your list is O'Connor-Alirez-Parris-Starocci-Bonaccorsi
4. Past credentials- Starocci is the clear leader here, with two additional NCAA titles. O'Connor (1x champ), Parris (2x AA), Bonaccorsi (1xAA), and Alirez (R12) would be the order taking past performance into account.
5. Quality of competition- this is a tough one, really not sure how to judge this. I added up previous AA's in their bracket and got Bonaccorsi (13), Parris (12), Starocci (9) Alirez (4), O'Connor (3). No idea if this is a good method or not, but it seems fair to everyone.

Doling out points based on finish (first in category = 5 points, last gets 1 point), I got Parris with 21, Starocci with 16, O'Connor with 16, Alirez with 15, and Bonaccorsi with 11. I think that order would be my personal ballot. I could see a good argument for Parris or Starocci.
Vito gets OW and Coach Grey gets tournament, 'Coach of the Year.'
Otoole would have been my choice based on overall depth of weight class, at the lesst Co Mvp’s . But obviously Vito deserving. You cant give Cael coach of the year every year i get it , there were a few other coaches who had impressive years with the talent they had.
I thought over all Ohio State looked good. Carson, being the exception, but also as much as he has been injured and the insane amount of talent at 165 it is not overly disappointing. Dylan becoming AA is awesome and super happy for him, Mendez did really well for a true frosh and I thought Sasso looked fantastic all tourney. Smith and Romero became AAs again about where I would have expected them, and 197 and HWT did about as I would have expected as well.
Agree with you. However, just because we expected this does not diminish how well these guys wrestled. I don't think you are implying this but i wanted to say it. True warriors these two, and they will be sorely missed. Great careers.
Absolutely, they wrestled very well and I don't mean to take anything away from them. I thought Romero got a crap draw or he could have made the finals and I think Ethan rebounding and getting AA this year was fantastic and they will be missed. I was over all pleased with the whole team and I thought this was TR best coaching job this year when you factor in all the injuries and getting the younger guys some needed experience.