Favorite Clubs by League

Chop Stix

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Thought it would be cool to see which clubs people followed and see if there were any interesting stories behind how people came to support/like different teams.

Post your favorite team for each of the following leagues:

La Liga -
Serie A -
Bundesliga -
Favorite European National Team -
Favorite South American National Team -

Feel free to discuss any additional teams as well from leagues not mentioned above.


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EPL - Everton
La Liga - None
Serie A - None
Bundesliga - Leverkusen
MLS - FC Cinci
Favorite European National Team - Ireland or Iceland
Favorite South American National Team - None

Chop Stix

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EPL - None... Teams I'm neutral-positive towards: Crystal Palace, Newcastle, Manchester City
La Liga - None... I prefer Real Madrid over Barcelona but otherwise don't have much preference for this league
Serie A - None... I follow players in this league more than teams (Pogba when w/ Juve, Zlatan w/ AC Milan, Lukaku w/ Inter)
Bundesliga - Eintracht Frankfurt
MLS - FC Cincinnati
Favorite European National Team - France
Favorite South American National Team - None

I'm a mega-fan of Wigan Athletic in the English 3rd tier.


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EPL - Man U
La Liga - Real Madrid
Serie A - Juventus
Bundesliga - Bayern Munich also Hertha after all those years in Berlin.
MLS - not a big fan.
Mostly over the years it has been individual players I have enjoyed watching.