Excuse this stupid question . . .

Pantherontheporch said:
Has a school, at any level, ever won the boys state swimming championship without having its own pool?

I would highly doubt it. Where would the swimmers go? Its not like another school would let another team just walk in and practice with them.
Elder used to practice at the local Y, don't know if they still do. They "win" the GCL if they finish second to X, who has their own pool. I don't think X has ever lost the GCL swimming title, and they have something like 25 state titles, maybe more.
I was just wondering if a school that practiced at a Y ever beat out a school that had its own pool. It would seem to be virtually impossible.
The last time X lost the GCL title was...1954? i think it was, and to Purcell

But yeah, its highly unlikely nowadays, but I know (I hear this every year from alums) that the 1970 X team hitchhiked (or so they said) to a local Y from school every day...so it has happened before, just not very likely to happen again