EBC Wrestling 2022-2023


Carrollton 106 Jenkins 6th
Carrolton 138 Carman 5th (3x Placer)
Minerva 175 Dietrich 8th
Minerva 190 Haines 3rd
Alliance 215 Mozden 3rd

Takeaways -
Marlington 165 Porter led 4-0 in blood round and lost a heartbreaker in OT. An incredible run from an “unranked”.
WB 165 Brink battled 13-8 in blood round to consolation champion and eventual third place winner. An unfortunate draw.
Carrollton 113 giving a bad look and very uncharacteristic representation of his program. Match got out of hand and was arguing with coaches during the match. Trailed 14-1 on top, elected to kick the opponent and then turn around and goes to referees position to give up the takedown for the tech.
D2 215 was ultimately a race for second having that Shulaw had beaten D1 champ Russo and D2 champ Snider, but Mozden avenged his loss in the quarters for 3rd and 4th, a happy ending to his season.
HM - Canton South freshman phenom grabs the consolation 3rd place winner in his blood round.

Returning SQ for each team
Carrollton - Sr Jenkins, Sr Snair, Sr Pidgeon, Sr Carman
Minerva - Sr Norris, Jr Dietrich,
Marlington - Jr Bean, Sr Hancox
Salem - Sr Burt (22), Jr Stecker
Alliance - Sr Mozden
WB -