Divisions Needed?

Does boys swimming need multiple divisions?

  • Yes, give the smaller schools a chance.

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • No, keep it the way it is.

    Votes: 3 60.0%

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U of Michigan

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Does Boys' Swimming need at least two divisions like the girls?

I'd say yes.
There are a 214 schools with boys swimming teams, it's not like field hockey where there are only 33 teams in the state.

Look at the size of the top three schools:
St. Xavier: 1086 Boys
Upper Arlington: 682 Boys
Wyoming: 263 Boys

Upper Arlington can barely be expected to compete with X, but how in the world can it be 'fair' to have Wyoming and St.X gun it out for a state championship when X has nearly 4 times as many kids?!?

St. X definately deserves a state championship, but I think Wyoming deserves one too...
I think they do need divisions. Maybe 2 or 3. It really doesn't matter to me in the long run, because X is one of the biggest schools in state.
i personally think it is a amazing that wyoming can field such a good team for such a small school and still be respectable in other winter sports.
I think they should just put X in there own division so they can just keeping winning state. Then put the rest of the swim teams in a different division so somone new can finally win the state
I would love to see 2 divisions, but OHSAA won't split it until it gets to be a larger number. It is kind of unfair to the smaller schools' relay teams. It really doesn't make that much difference for individuals though. If one is really good, the person will go to state no matter what the rest of the team is doing.
Heck I hated it as a Ohio High School swimmer and coach that the girls split into two divisions...still hate it. Hawken's girls aren't state champs...they're the big fish in a small pond. So I obviously hate the thought of the boys going to two divisions. If someone wants to challenge the Cincinnati All-Star Swim Team, keep pushing and get those kids to attend the same school...ala Akron Firestone. Besides, those small town kids still do well at state; they really aren't affected by the team race.