Division IV State Semi's Who wins?


Huge following for Richmond…
Probably. I mean the players are from about 6 different cities so you only need a couple fans per town🤣
I hope the bus driver has a gas card for the celebration parade (if they win). Gonna take some time and miles to make it to all the different communities!
The funny thing is you and the rest of the clown show go on and on about “true community” schools and crowd size and lose sight of the fact these are kids were talking about and Richmond Heights plays the game the right way. Let’s all watch and hope for a great game and keep the BS to yourself.
Thanks always wanted to be a " clown" ! You must be afraid of them!! And I know you can't discuss topics on a topic discussion site without insulting others.
That never happened little hiland boy…no one gives a flying crap about you little Amish goofs…we grew up watching teams like McKinley.