Defiance Tri-State Border War Wrestling Invitational - 2021

The Defiance TSBW is scheduled for Dec. 28 & 29, 2021, and has openings for new teams for next season. This is a bracketed double-elimination tournament run via trackwrestling, with video streaming for fans not able to attend due to distance or other challenges. We have hosted 40+ teams on a yearly basis for the last three years in which the tournament has been competed, and can accommodate 50+ teams.

Since it inception 6 years ago, this has become a premier holiday tournament with teams from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and one Wisconsin team. In 2019, there were 66 SQ's at this tournament, with 3 State Champions, 4 Runners-up, and 5 Third placers, which puts it on par with the GMVWA in regard to numbers. Our new school facility is 3 years old and has an excellent gym capable of having six mats on the floor with room for score tables and ample walk space. With six mats down, the gym still seats around 1,700 and has a track above the floor, which allows for an excellent video vantage point and standing or walking room while still viewing wrestling. When mats break down for finals, there are 2,000+ seats available, so space is not an issue.

We are looking for fuller teams, but will not turn away teams that are still in a developmental phase but wanting to challenge themselves. I can provide greater detail for anyone who might be interested. Contact Pat Murphy (; 567.712.3164) via email, text or call if you are interested or have questions.
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With schools transitioning schedules due to COVID issues last season and new opportunities this upcoming season, there is great ebb and flow seemingly in a lot of tournaments. We are currently at 45 teams and have room for a few more if anyone is interested. See contact info above if anyone has questions or wishes to express interest.