De La Salle 03 & 04


Does anyone have the game results (win loss score) for the 2003 and 2004 season, these are the only two seasons of them since 1979 in which i do not have the score any help will be much appreciated.
I probably do.

I have the updated version of "When The Game Stands Tall."

If you don't find them, post again, and I'll get them from the book.

Max Preps has results, going back several years. I'm not sure if they go back to 2003 and 2004, though.
Thanks, that website give me 2003, but i still don't have 2004, ill chech maxpreps to see but i don't think they have it. and if any of you have information of the pre-Ladercour (i can never spell his name right) days in the 70's that would be nice (when the game stands tall doesn't go into any depth for those years)
Never mind Maxpreps has 2004 thanks for the help guys, if any of you have info on the 1970's still feel free to pass it along though