Daryl Morey (Class of 1991)

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Highland alum Daryl Morey is currently the General Manager of the Houston Rockets. I have read a few articles about him that said his playing days ended in high school. Does anybody remember him? If so, how good was he? I believe I read that he is is 6'4". Thanks!


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I didn't even know he went to Highland. Googling him along with Highland brought me to this...

"Then there's MIT grad and Medina native Daryl Morey, who went from Highland High School to Northwestern to MIT to STATS Inc. to general manager of the Houston Rockets. Never even a varsity basketball player, Morey's move up the ranks with statistical analysis has pioneered the field and his MIT background has made the school the center of the movement. Now he employs a legion of interns to help him, many who live right in Cambridge and send data to Texas every day."