D1 - State Tournament Brackets

Who wins the Division 1 State Championship?

  • Beavercreek

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  • Centerville

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  • Jackson

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  • Pickerington North

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  • St Ignatius

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Best game of the day was Centerville and Pick North.

Clark played well, but the better team won.

Darby looked very good, asserted their dominance!

Also want to give props to Jackson.. Wished they could've taken a set or at least competed better. Still proud to see another school breakthrough in the North
After last season's crazy first day, this year was pretty tame. Some might even say boring. All matches went 3-0 other than Elder-Ignatius which ended up 3-0 after set 1 was won by the Wildcats. Now things do start off tomorrow with a great semifinal match in Darby-Moeller, but kind of a bummer we didn't have more competitive matches today.
Things have calmed down a little here in the 2nd set. Guys were using a lot of emotion that first set. Darby leads 12-11.
Two teams traded points with Moeller having the advantage until Darby went on a run at 17-15. Moeller comes back take the 20-18 advantage on an ace, timeout Darby.
HUGE block Moeller on Bowling, and two errors by Darby gives Moeller set point. And another error, game Moeller 25-19.
Darby held a two point advantage from that timeout, but Moeller ties it at 23 after a service error from Bowling and a kill from Bruggeman.