COVID-19 Protocals for Track & Field


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I guess I am most frustration with the lack of communication from the OHSAA.

They are not letting us know about how meets will be conducted. Are we going to have unlimited amount of teams at meets like at the Wayne invite or should we be planning for more restrictions (and what the hell are they)? Our schedule is finalized but if and when they make changes, its going to leave many schools in the wild wild west of trying to get into another meet and planning hosting meets (if they can). They could of told us weeks, even months ago if they were more proactive.

If there no protocols for practice the OHSAA needs to communicate to us if that's the case. They gave us protocols to follow in the fall and we prepared for them in advance. We shouldn't be just saying just do this or do what you did in the fall. That's the fall. The OHSAA is supposed to be working with the OATCCC and health department and give us some type of general guidance to follow. We do need guidance one year into it because they keep changing the game and giving us surprises that we weren't expecting.