Coventry hires John Kinsey as Varsity Head Football Coach


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The Coventry Local School District and Coventry Athletic Department are pleased to announce the hiring of John Kinsey as the new varsity head football coach. Coach Kinsey has been an intervention specialist and has been the head coach at Springfield, the offensive coordinator at Mogadore and Southeast, and an assistant coach at Akron North. He also served as the head baseball coach at Springfield.

“Coach Kinsey demonstrated a passion and excitement for Coventry football from the onset of our interview process. His thorough plan outlined a clear vision for the program based on his two core values of commitment and selflessness. He is ready to ‘get busy quickly’ and help develop our student athletes into successful football players and quality individuals”.

Danny Savage, Athletic Director


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Someone very close with the Moggy staff had a very low opinion of Kinsey. Not particularly well regarded or liked as a play caller or an O.C..


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Whatever it takes to get the truth out about a person with such low character.
what makes him such a low character? From what I have read from your post it really feels like you are jealous or have something against this guy whereas from other people they have very nice things to say about him. Now I know him personally so would love to hear what you have to say and I can correct you with every wrong thing you have to say. If you are a spartan fan you might Want to worry about your own issues and how you wont have football here soon my guy.