Coventry coach resigns after misdemeanor charge


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Based on what I read in the Metro Conference thread, Coventry is supposed to have a pretty good team in 2021. April is a terrible time to be searching for a new head coach, but Coventry is not a bad job.
There stadium is worse then Seiberling Stadium in Norton


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. It’s worse then The Junkyard in Raveenna.
I kinda liked it, what with the grandstand on the home side.
I guess I'm old-school, love the feel of the old stadiums. Lots of character and charm.
Some of the stadiums out that way have/had tiny visitor sections. Woodridge, Streetsboro, Norton, Coventry and a slew of others.


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Coventry just hired (on May 7th pending school board approval) Springfield coach John Kinsey to be their new varsity head football coach. He was a former offensive coordinator at Mogadore and Southeast.
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