Concession Stand Delicacies of Ohio


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From DI-DVII know they exist, when you head to a road game or stay home, what are some unique finds that one can find in certain concession stands across the Buckeye State?
Tri-Village (Darke County) has a local butcher shop (Ketring Meat) set up a big grill for concessions. They usually have pork chop sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers (bacon and and cheese mixed into the beef) and a rotation of sausages; sometimes a brat or a jalapeno brat... Great seeing a local business and school help each other out.
Clinton Massie has a concession stand ran by the band on the visitors side. Home made chicken and dumplings. Loaded baked potatoes. Home made chicken noodle soup ( on cold nights) and a decent walking taco. In addition to pizza, beef and cheese nachos. The best I've seen in SW Ohio.
In Lorain County nothing tops Columbia’s


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