Coach Campo's turn for p90x

Giving up the pop thing is EASILY going to be the toughest challenge in these 90 days for sure. I work in a cubicle in front of a computer all day and the pop was my outlet to help stay alert. We're literally talking 60 oz of mountain dew per work day and then another 20 oz or so between end of work day til bed. I truly feel that giving up this nasty habit will help drop some pounds and allow my body to feel so much better.

I'll be off work by 3pm, home by 4pm, and Day 1 of p90x will being promptly around 5pm.

Last pop drank -- Sunday, May 1st
Day 1 in the books and I have to say is WOW :eek:

Today was chest & back; then abs

There were several times when I would stop after just a few push-ups (especially with diamond & decline). I was able to maintain a decent pace of work and I feel really good right now.

Ab ripper X is freaking crazy!.... Some of the exercises my body was just not allowing me to do but I made sure I was able to get at least a few reps in on each of the exercises.

It'll be nice when I get myself into a daily routine and just learn to trick my mind into plugging away. I know and understand that this is a process, and I'm happy to be down to jut 89 more days:D
Up at 6:15am for work this morning, lift my arm go get out of bed and definitly feel some burn.... it's a good pain thankfully though. Today could easily be a ROUGH day to get through without my pop but I'm lucky to work in a place that does not have a pop machine. So as long as I don't physically get into my car and drive to a gas station, then I'll be good :thumb:

Today is a little hectic with picking up tailored suit, wrestling lifting, wrestling club all going on after work. That pushes Day 2 back to approx 8-8:30pm for a start time which is later that I would hope for. But it'll get done and I'm sure I'll crash hard tonight.
Day 2 -- Plyometrics

I won't be so quick to say that this absolutly killed me only because a few of the exercises which involved a deep squat what somewhat familiar since I'm a former wrestler, still young, and still wrestle at practices pretty often.

What tore me up is our "jump squats" (i think that's what they called it). Now those are just ridiculous. I have a bad feeling that 6:15am tomorrow morning is not going to be nice when I attempt to get out of bed. Of course I feel ok now, but I'm sure that's not going to last at all.

Great workout for sure though :thumb:
this whole "no-pop" thing is killing me...... nasty headaches last night and today's work day is SSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW........ 3 more hours then i'm at home hittin' up Day 3
Ok, so tomorrow I have work 6a-3p, wrestling lifting 4p-6p, wrestling club practice 6p-8p, then a coaching interview at 9:15pm... all of this at Oak Hills tomorrow which leaves zero time for p90x tomorrow. I've decided that instead of doing day 3 of shoulders today, I'll do Yoga today and have a rest day tomorrow with all the stuff going down.

So I am pushing play on what I hear is the toughest one??

OK..... so yoga is no joke:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I'll be honest, I didn't make it through the entire dvd. My legs are on absolute fire but I know this will be great for me in the long run. My flexibility has been absent from this body for well over a decade so it'll really help since I've continued to play indoor soccer. So tomorrow will be a day off to accomodate the non-stop activities that I have going on at Oak Hills.

Wish me luck as I pursue my first Head Coach position!
Last night the right shoulder was in some crazy pain and still is most likely due to me sleeping on it funny. Yoga did a number on my hamstrings and hips for I definitly feel a burn as I walk and get out of a chair. Today is that long day I posted about before so this will be my rest day.


It's been 72+ hours since my last pop! :banana:
Pretty excited right now.... made the top 3 for a second interview to get the head coach position at OHHS. Where's that dang p90x dvd not that i'm all jacked up to work out.
Thankfully my wife is a physical therapist because there are some serious knots in the hamstrings. I missed 2 days in a row mainly due to the crammed schedule with wrestling and my head coach interview. I was "anti-work out with wife" but I think I need to motivation of someone at my side. Yesterdy we did Cardio X and I will go to the "Lean" portion of p90x so that I can build myself up to complete "Classic". I own the darn program so I'll take the right steps to get where I want to be. After Mother's Day festivities, we will be doing Shoulder & Arms along with Ab Ripper X.
Possible hamstring strain has knocked me out of the routine for 3 days now. Very painful to walk on! Today I have my 2nd and final interview for the H.C. job at Oak Hills. Tomorrow we will attempt to step back in the batter's box with the workouts. I'm just not sure how my leg will react to doing yoga which is next.