Coach Andy Vlajkovich: Should he stay or should he leave

Coach Andy Vlajkovich: Should he Stay or should he Leave????

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It's May 03, 2021

Canton McKinley Boys Head Basketball Coach Andy Vlajkovich

Record (33 - 17) Two Seasons

He has only three players coming back from this season.

a) Jahlil Graham - PG - Soph - 5' - 10"

b) Connor Weldon - G - Soph - 6' - 03"

c) Eric Spicer - F - Soph - 6' - 04"

d) Glen Parker Transfer from Barberton

e) Darryn Petterson (8th Grader) if he stays


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I am all for alot of McKinley posters going including this clown. the hiding behind anonymity and trying to be holier than thou is absolutely sickening.

grown men way past their time trying to disguise fandom for a high school they no longer have any real affliiation to or even understand anymore. i used to watch a bunch of you guys lurking around in summer trying to watch kids working out trying to get better smh while i was out there with a group of kids trying to do skillwork or working on shooting drills. the people on these boards criticizing and claiming to know better is laughable