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Olmsted Falls standout, Katie Clute ran 17:02 in winning the Seneca East Stars, Stripes, and Lights meet yesterday. Her main competition came from last years 8th place finisher at the State CC meet, Evelyn Prodoehl of Lakota West. Clute went out in 5:12 and Prodoehl was already well back. Clute‘s margin of victory was 1:03 over runner-up Prodoehl. In winning the Obetz preview meet three weeks ago, Clute finished only 30 seconds ahead of Prodoehl. Prodoehl, running 18:05 yesterday, ran very well but lost by twice the amount of time she did at Obetz, which leads me to believe we saw an unusually rare performance by Clute yesterday. Katie beat her winning time from last year by 42 seconds. And it’s still early September…

Outside Clute, the fastest time ever run on that course until yesterday, was 18:16 by Elizabeth Whaley last year. As we all know, Elizabeth was poised to break 4:40 in the 1600 later in her senior season.


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And to add on to how great her performance was...

She ran faster than her Garmin Running Lane time last year.
She ran 42 seconds faster than her 2021 time on the same course.

Most comparable athletes only PR'd by 7-12 seconds if you exclude the athletes that ran at VOA or Hot Summer Bash.
Galion could be her under 17:00 race. Unsure if Galion is considered fast anymore with all of these night races popping up.

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Team finished 6th.
Since you mentioned this, I checked it out. Team looks like a complete turnover from last year, other than Clute. Very young and inexperienced. Clute, as a senior is probably a great leader and role model for this young team. I would think their coach is excited about a sixth after losing almost everyone from last year. This team could be pretty good by years end.