Club Teams 2017/18

Yes and no. They had IMO the best player to come out of Ohio in the last 10+ years (Mikesch), but they were also very young. Obviously Platfoot is very talented, but is still just a sophomore and has a ton of potential. I believe one of the middles is also a sophomore? I just heard that through the grapevine, not sure if it's true or not

You are correct. They have 2 players who can't drive. And a junior. One of the seniors is still 17.

They are very young. No excuses. They are all disappointed along with coaches. A couple of untimely injuries in Chicago and Florida. And remember Mikesch was playing out of position as an OH all season. They never quite got to developing a consistent 3rd OH with inconsistent OPP play.

And give Attack props. They have much more experience and depth.

This does ladder into the High School talk as well. It seems that there isn't quite as much talent in Senior class this year as years past. This will put a premium on the 17s talent and in some cases the 16's. X has a good balance. Darby will be younger. Moeller and Elder have some Senior talent as compared to Darby but they will likely need 16's help particularly Moeller.