Club Nationals 2016


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Cinci Attack 18-1, Vanguard 18-1 and 18-2 are all in the club division.

Cinci Attack came in as the 13 seed overall and is 4-2. Knocked off the 2 seed overall in their pool yesterday. Still in contention for gold
Vanguard 18-1 came in as the 5 seed overall and is 5-1. Still in contention for gold
Vanguard 18-2 came in as the 30 seed overall and is 2-4. Knocked out of gold contention yesterday.

The 16s and 17s start today and tomorrow. Hope to see Vangaurd 17-1 make a good showing in open, as they have made the best showings at bid tournaments leading to nationals
Cinci Attack 18 and Vanguard 18 have both reached the semifinals of Gold in 18 Club and will be playing each other. Good luck to both and will be awesome to see an Ohio team in the finals
On another, less fortunate note, Vanguard 17 has had a rough tournament thus far. Coming into the 17 OPEN tournament, they may have been the highest ever seeded Ohio team on the OPEN side. However, they went 0-3 on day 1, and 1-2 on day 2.

They will be a team to watch next year though, with the potential additions of Moldovan, Mikesch, and Bowling
Report for today:
Cinci Attack 17-1 has made the gold medal round in the 17 CLUB division with a 7-2 record. They resume play tomorrow.

Vanguard 17-1 is in Flight 2 of the 17 OPEN division with a 2-6 record. They resume play tomorrow.

Cinci Attack 16-1 finished T-13th in the 16 CLUB division today with a 5-5 record

Vanguard 16-1 finished 18 in the 16 CLUB division today with a 6-6 record