Cloverleaf over Wadsworth


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Sophmore sweeper Jessie Rooma kept Wadsworth from getting near the net most of the evening as Cloverleaf added on to a 1-0 halftime lead to easily handle Wadsworth4-1.

Coach Ron Mendel seemed upset with his keeper who seemed slow to come out on a ball that led to the first score. After that she began getting caught too far out from the net as Cloverleaf attackers twice lofted scoring shots over her head.

Rooma is by far the best defender I've seen in any game this year. The Wadsworth girls know her as a former teammate on their travel teams and no doubt would like to see her back on their side.

Wadsworth slips to 7-4-1.
MCGal said:
Rooma's a great athlete. Watch out for her in basketball too :D :cool:

I've seen her. She ws the best player for leaf last year as a freshman but really needs some work on her shot.

Yeah. She's been workin this summer though from what I hear. We can talk about this more in the girls bball forum, but I've been hearing that Cloverleaf will surprise some people. I will say that this was the first spring where I saw a number of Green and Cloverleaf kids playing AAU ball. That alone will make a big difference.