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Classics are in about 2 weeks...the 16th and 17th i believe. For anyone who does not know, this is a HUGE swim meet - the biggest meet in high school swimming in the country. 7 prelim sites with the finals at St. X. For any first year swimmers, this is a neat experience. Just wanted to draw attention to the meet and welcome people to add on to what I have stated.
I agree

I can honestly say, after doing Classics in Miami for 2 years, that it is a GREAT experience. It's one of those meets where EVERYBODY goes and you pretty much bond with your entire team rather than your swim group. Underclassmen, despite the earliness to get out there so early, this is probably the greatest meet you'll ever be at. (Well, states a good qualifier for number 1 too...hmm I gotta think about that) But yah I'm hoping to go up there as well cause that meet is just friggin awesome.
not only is it a great time to get together with your team, its also a good time to find out what your comp is. most of the guys swim really well there, because miami has a fast pool. so if you think you have what it takes, show us.
u guys are missing the best part of the classic; the thing that makes it classic........

the sweet events

in very few other meets do u get to go up against prime competition in events like the individual 50 fly, back, and breast. it also brings the ppsl event of the 100 im to the table.

this meet is made for sprinters like me and the hawks. look for us to dominate.

( it also has longer distance events too but i'm not going to talk about them because i hate them with a passion )

btw the seeds are online at
enter ur zip code
then click on "what's new"
then click on "2005 Southwest Distict Classic"
then click on "psych sheets"
then click where ever your meet is
( Miami A is where the party's at )