Cincinnati Area lax Teams


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How do you see the Division one Teams in Cincy rated this season.
1a. IH Great offense great goal play
1b. MOELLER Great Defense, Great coach, pit 1a and 1b together and you might win state
3. St X Young but srill has numbers will get better as year goes on
4. Lakota Has numbers first year in div 1 has some great talent Coach Reed has built a solid program
5. Mariemont Should be in Div 2 but the state spoke, quality program just not enough talent. Will win some games.
6. Sycamore tough tranisition back to d1 will struggle

What are your thoughts??
milford is a young team very atheltic but lacks in some areas the team consists of most sophmores they can compete and in the next two years watch out they have some studs in lawson,douglass,jevicky,criswell and much others
mariemont is young and low on numbers, but for a school with only a 190 guys in the entire school they do one ---- of a job competing every year with those big schools with at least 5 times as many boys
X is a young team but you have to be careful with them. Overlooking them would prove to be a mistake. They have shown significant improvement since the X tournament. They were 1-2 in the Jesuit Classic in D.C. losing to Loyola Academy 7-8 in OT (a game they should have won) and Georgetown Prep 0-16 but were able to contain Prep in the second half (most goals for Prep were in the first half) and they beat DeSmet 9-5 but the game wasn't as close as the score says. They have been a roll of the dice kind of team so far. They are either really on or really off, hopefully they can become more consistent. Plus Andy Kaminski returning will add a lot to an already potent defense.
no one would over look X. that's ridiculous. they are the second or 3rd largest boys school in the state. its not like they are always terrible and then all of a sudden becoming competitive..overlook X? HA