Chris Ash's new record


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I was fortunate to time the state meet this weekend, and even more fortunate to time in lane 4 when Chris Ash broke, for a 2nd time that day, Mark Gangloff's 100 breast record. 54.70 is a mark that will stand for years to come. Congrats Chris and best of luck in the future.
that is quite an honor...

did anyone else realize that he's the first to win the same event 4 years in a row since like 78? i saw it in our newpaper and was suprised it wasn't talked about more, it seemed everyone was just talking about the record time and not that maybe equal feat

he'll be in the olymoics before we know it...
i like the fact that he is not stuck up even though he knows hes good and everyone else knows hes good, i wil be able to say i went to school with that kid!!