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This will be a rant section for me about some of the yute posters on the general board. I am sure if they can give it out they will enjoy taking it. First rant goes to


Yes we get it you came from a tough background while going to university school. Yes I bet those couple hours mopping floors was tough for that alleged tuition assistance. Then you got the great idea of having a child with your girlfriend. Whoopty do!!! You want a medal for your crowning achievement of not knowing what Plan B is? Listen podge we don't care about your tough life and how you are this big time man all of a sudden because of your triumphs in overcoming such bad odds. Your kids may end up ok but save us the sob story Latrell Spreewell.

Also please stop with barbecue talk. You aren't some authentic chef, your best cooked dish is probably a hot dog, no bun, cut up into tiny pieces, dab of ketchup, and some box Mac and cheese for your thing. You have talked the talked for quite some time and then you decided to post pictures of some terrible looking meat and tried to pass off Sweet Baby Ray's as your home made sauce. Again cooking for Tommy, Phil, and Lil the bar isn't set too high so don't get let it get to your head.

And last but not least we realize your wife is promiscuous because she did have a kid at what 14? We don't need to hear when you get something in the car or after work.....
So unlike that gremlin creature that calls himself hof, I deliver on promises. Here is my second rant for the yutes.


To be quite honest you really are rather boring, plain, and pretty nerdy. I guess that is why your girl left you for another guy. It's really not surprising you can't keep your women. For starters you are a regular contributor on that soccer thread which is about as manly as recently's nair threads. No girl wants a man that is affectionate and an efficianado on playwrights. Maybe next time you will learn how to keep a woman happy and pleasured or you just go for a girl that has daddy issues. So that way your conceited self will be able to control her just the way you like. Since girls don't seem to be your thing I got a buddy that loves Elder you can bro it up with.

Which brings me to my next point. You were fine until you ventured over to the debate forum where you got hosed by posters like dado. If you are going to come over here and cite that hippy propaganda you call evolution you better be prepared to deal with stone cold facts that we offer daily on the debate forum. You clearly couldn't handle the heat and so you left, just like your slam piece did to you. Newsbusters! You aren't nearly as smart as you think. You are from somewhere up north in Ohio which means your mother is probably also your sister. Inbreds aren't that smart and I doubt you are the exception to the rule. You want to know how I knew you were inbred? It is the Steelers fan in you. Typical yinzer. So a little piece of advice Bill Nye, your stupid thing called science is wrong and your blasphemic views towards religion are unappreciated. We get it you hate religion, can't find the g spot, love soccer, and would kill to be Ben Raplisbergers next victim. No need to profess your inner nerd anymore.

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Are you a true west sider? If you answer yes to any of these you are a true west sider.

You think Price Hill Chili is fine dining.
You think Destin is a great getaway.
You love some crappy concrete stadium.
You think purple is a man's color.
You are within one mile of a whore house at any moment.
You are poor and live in section 8 housing.
Your neighbors are proud section 8ers and fans of Driehaus
You use crack as a pick me up like coffee.
There are vacant buildings on your street.
Your water tastes like sewage and you have a stench from living with maggots.
You follow middle school football an often post 40 times and future rosters years in advance.
You put way too much stock in tradition and high school boys.
You live within two miles of some heretic church.
You think Elder is a good alternative to Coletrain.
Your Friday night is made by sweaty high school boys achieving altiora.
Altiora is not a sexual move to you.
Nelson van Aldeen is seen as a logical guy.
You would rather go to an Elder game than feed your family or pay your bills.
You truly believe the city govt is trying to destroy the West side.
You have finally wised up and taken a loan out so you can send your son to St X so he can be a success, unlike you with your Elder diploma.
You finally moved to the east side because it is better