Can Firestone knock off St Xavier?

i wouldnt put my money on anyone else until they have beaten st'x at state.
this would be the year to do so. They arnt as good as previous years, but still manage to beat the second best program in cincy by 300 points. This X team is determined not to be dubbed the weakest team in St X history. And they still are tops in the state, that is saying a lot.
Look at the qualifiers at and it's tough to imagine Firestone having any chance. St. X would have to fall completely off their times and Firestone would have to have PRs in about every event.
once again a pretender loses to st'x as they continue their reign of terror over the state.
yea baby firestone got their pluckin ***** raped at the state meet. why was this topic even brought up. u all no who the best in the state is...all around.
sadly enough i do know who the best in the state sometimes i wonder what it could have been for my beloved alma mater anderson if xavier was not around.:(