Breeders cup


Cooling Off
Starts tomorrow at Santa Anita. I will be at keeneland both days in the room.

Anyone plan on watching or betting any money. Have been on a real hot streak and hope to capitalize on huge pools and payouts. Have been watching lots of replays and training videos for the horses.
For tomorrow's card this what I have for races 8-10. Which includes the female championship

Pick 3's
Race 8
2,3,4,5,10,11,12/2 ,4,6,8,10,11,12,13,14/4,6

Race 8
Race 9

At minimum bets that is $149.50 spent. I have every horse I think can win played somehow. Will revise later but this where I am at. If speed looks to be holding really well I will play alpha in one double just in case.
I will be watching Saturday while flipping between NCAA games. Always like the Breeders Cup as it has variety of racing including things you don't usually see at a high leve like the sprint. Also like the 1.5 mile turf race with the Euro entries adding some high level comp.

As for the Classic I am leaning to Palice Malice if the odds stay in the double digits. Currently 10-1 and while he has raced a lot TY he has looked good later in the season.
My uncles old horse is actually in the 1 1/2 mile race. He is a long shot though.

I think a long shot won that race LY, I forget. Mayybe it was the turf????

Maybe you can help me with a quation on the Breeders Cup Turpin. A horseman my dad knows said that the Euros wished that the Breeders Cup was held earlier in the fall, they complain that the horses start to grow their winter coat out by this time and that they are not in the best race form. Any take?
Id agree with that sentiment. A lot of east coast horses will have the same problems. When they bring in the winter coat they don't dissipate sweat as well. It affects their form but nothing crazy. But when you need your a game against other elite horses it can make all the difference