Breaking News From Duke. The DNA Test Results are in


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All 46 came back negative. But this does not mean they all are innocent. Just another example of mass media trying to be the first ones to get the news out. What are your thoughts?
Dpole7 said:
But this does not mean they all are innocent.

You're right. They're not necessarily innocent but this makes things very difficult for the prosecution. It's a shame Duke's season has been cancelled and their coach is gone.
Whats sad is that this is the first time lacrosse has spent so much time in the limelight. Full storys on sportcenter for the first time i can remember about lacrosse. Many people's first taste of the sport will be this awful inccedent.
Many of the marks on her body that she said came from the assualt and rape were already there...they have the pictures from the "party" to prove it...