Bishop Sycamore Head Coach Roy Johnson Accuses Suburban Schools of Recruiting


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In this video, linked below, Bishop Sycamore Head Coach Roy Johnson accuses Dublin Coffman, Pickerington Central, Upper Arlington and Catholic schools of recruiting and brags that he is recruiting too.

"All the big suburb schools recruited them and brought them in and now you have these Dublin Coffman powerhouses, Pick Central powerhouses."

He also pretty much accuses OHSAA of being racist and says the inner city coaches are on a "plantation."

"When I go talk to OHSAA, everybody there is white as the dotted lines on 270."

"...and then the inner city schools' coaches... they run around on the plantation happy with their chicken feed."

The good stuff starts at the 15:50 mark. Watch now before it's gone.

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Clown show . Coffman demographic shift the last 20 years is seen in the makeup of the football team . (. Majority white but black demo at school over the last 20 years was a bit less than one percent black to 5 percent today) They have gotten exactly. ONE kid in their history transfer from a city league program . ONE . Great player , great attitude and extremely hard worker who was a Great teammate and leader . Bryon Threats ( Cincinnati ) who came to Dublin after his Frosh year at Mifflin ) So the city teams having chicken feed as he said has little to nothing to do with Coffman . East side programs may be another story . I don’t know .
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May be this clown can actually name the kids from the city or other places who were “. Recruited “. To come to Coffman .
Christ this dude is either willfully ignorant of Columbus-and-the-suburbs, a player-hater or just a dishonest grifter.

The black middle class is a rising population in the Columbus metropolitan area and has been for the past decade. Combination of transplants from other parts of the country and folks that want out of the city & its schools. Communities such as Dublin, Hilliard, Gahanna, Pickerington, Reynoldsburg, Westerville and Worthington aren't underwear-brief white like they used to be 15-20 years ago. Plus, those communities have always had district boundaries that extend into the fringes of Columbus as well as student-body demographic shifts that followed the to-be-expected pattern of what Win-Win arrangements would end up being 25-30+ years after its inception. The other thing to remember, too, is this isn't the saga of yesteryear where today's parents buy a house and plan to live there for 30 years (which is FINE) -- people, especially on the backside of 'Gen X' and the millennial population writ large, are mobile: they'll rent and move, they'll buy a house and sell it (look at the metro Columbus housing market these past five years.) The vast, vast majority of people think sensibly and in the interest of what is best for their family. I bet Roy Johnson would pick to send his kid to Coffman to "play school" instead of Mifflin if he had the opportunity!

Building off that last point: dude's a clown to think there's jack in Columbus for the vast majority of kids. Not anymore. Lack of community organizations and programming, coupled by an exhausted and massive school system that can't offer kids anything beyond a bare-bones education with a similar inability to meet kids and their dreams, has destroyed the opportunity for kids growing up in neighborhoods like Easthaven, the Hilltop, Linden, Mifflin area, the Far East side and the South Side (aka "Soufghanistan" as some kids call it) for the last two decades to grow up and have a good youthful life. When there are few positive outlets for the kids, and the good adults (e.g. the football coaches) are stretched beyond their means*ability, what happens to these areas & how does that create cycles of dysfunction that affect the neighborhood football programs? Come on. Those kids and parents you're griping about leaving Columbus City for the suburbs and the Catholics (BTW, weird how he only called out the Catholics when it came to non-public schools), they see the god damn writing on the wall and want out.
27:30 Blacks make up 80% of the big 3 sports, football, basketball & track [paraphrasing his remarks]

Huh? I am not buying that. Maybe he is saying just the elite, but not buying that either.
Why won’t he do any interviews with any other media with questions about the program? You’d think traditional media with large readership would be free advertising for the school. Well unless he doesn’t have answers for the questions he knows they’ll ask
Why won’t he do any interviews with any other media with questions about the program? You’d think traditional media with large readership would be free advertising for the school. Well unless he doesn’t have answers for the questions he knows they’ll ask
I don't understand why one of the local TV stations allows Jay Richardson to read scores without answering valid questions about this "school".
Say what you will about this team, but they undoubtedly have the toughest HSFB schedule in OH.,oh)/football/schedule.htm

Holy smokes!
Who cares. That is easy to do when you don't have conference or league games you have to play or worry about making the State Playoffs. Especially if you are willing to trapes around the country and get your rump kicked which they will just like last year. I don't care how many D1 potential players they claim to have. Not impressed
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Bishop Sycamore is part of the NFHS-approved TCAL 6A National Division. Check out the link below to learn more.

The school is situated in the Easton section of Columbus. There are two structures comprised of living quarters, classrooms, a weigh room and three indoor practice fields.