Bishop Hartley vs Ursuline (Youngstown) Thursday, August 19, 2021

Wo do you thing will win?

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Wow, what a game. Big stop by Ursuline for the win. Congrats to the Irish and hold your heads high Hawks.
Both will be tough outs come playoff time.


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Hartley has such an amazing, diverse offense and the big boys up front were having their way. We have had some amazing offenses in the past, but I've never seen an Ursuline team light it up so effortlessly in an opening game. Despite the high amount of points given up, both defenses will be just fine going forward.

Good luck to Hartley, I hope you all bring back a D3 Title to Columbus.

sapientia et veritas

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Was that the first time the Hartley O-coaches worked with a play clock?
The problem with the Let’s Not Score Too Fast approach is that it frequently ends after the first three words. All that said, this was a relatively typical Hartley season start. The Hawks will bounce back. The Irish are a great team.


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Great fun game.

Ursuline used the parameter and deep pass mixed with slants.

Hartley used the offensive line , mis-direction runs and powers sweeps and special teams.

It seemed Ursuline jumping into a 5 man odd front on the last series was enough to slow down Hartley.
2 great storied football programs
1 great game.
Congrats to both schools and parents!


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Hartley had the right idea to run the clock, I mean let’s be real they gave up 62 points. But it’s a fine line and they used it up too much to where it became an issue and they had to get out of their comfort.


Excellent game between two very strong teams in their respective divisions, especially if you like the offense. That Hartley offense completely took over in the 2nd half and wore down Ursuline, but fortunately the Irish have a stellar passing offense that was just enough to get them the victory. Hell of a 4th down stop by the Irish to seal it in their hometown.

The Hartley offense, once it gets going, is a well oiled machine. Can’t see too many teams stopping it. They will make significant noise in D3. Great week 1 classic.

Good luck both squads.

Go Herd

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I’m surprised Coach Burchfield didn’t go down with
the cramps. He was on the field as much as the players.
He got a heck of a workout in tonight.

The Dock

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I just alerted @sportfan97 (who is currently driving next to me) that a poster with a very similar username to his is posting opinions on the game. He is appalled and wanted me to clear his good name in the meantime; he’ll post his thoughts when we get home.

Go Herd

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Safe Travels to The Dock & @sportsfan97. It’s a haul up to Ytown made the trip many
times we had both Ursuline and Mooney Reg Season for many years. Your Spot
On going to The MVR. Great Food Great People. You got your monies worth tonight
both in food & football.