Beavercreek Elder game changed?

Last minute change /Crap

sounds like political bullsh*t to me ....takes a definite advantage away from Beavercreek (a #1 seed) both in terms of fan support and a familiar field ...looks like someone from Elder got to someone behind the curtain at the OHSAA.......
Oh yes, it must be Elder in on the change b/c they've always been recognized as an elite soccer program and OHSAA loves them. Come on now. OHSAA clearly doesn't care what Elder thinks. Elder has been an "underdog" for 2 or 3 games now. The Elder/St.X football game isn't being moved to Nippert b/c X doesn't want it moved. So I think there must be an agreement on both sides or there is some sort of conflict. Just b/c you are given the #1 seed in Dayton doesn't mean you're the number 1 seed in the tourney. Elder is now the #1 team from cincy and Creek is the #1 team from Dayton. I highly doubt this was all one team's doing.

Besides, it's a 30 minute drive for most Elder fans. It'll be about 30-40 minute drive for Creek fans too. I think it is more neutral if you ask me, other than Elder has played on it twice. But their home field isn't turf, so they are obviously not at an advantage with that.
they know going in that there may be a situation like this. the sites are predetermined. they should not change them for this.