I wish Ohio gave out wrestler of the year award……so the question is who would be your wrestler of the year award


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I think it has to be Connor Euton.

My first thought was Burns from London because he pulled a couple huge wins at the state tournament to beat kids most people would have picked him to lose to. It was just an inspired run. But then I remembered I watched Euton tech fall Burns earlier in the season. Euton is an absolute machine. I can't remember ever seeing him out of position even the slightest.

I'd go with Geog as my second pick. Just super dominant.


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1) Fishback
2) Conley
3) Geog

Tried to limit it to seniors. Marcus Blaze and Beric Jordan also very deserving but they will get theirs.


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We do give out awards...most outstanding wrestler for the state tournament in each division and then the Mark Zimmer Award for the Wrestler of the Year.
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