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  • I will be happy to pass on the information to our AD. We may be looking for a middle school coach at least as I think our current MS coach is moving to the varsity. We are also the 3rd fastest growing district in the state (Licking Heights) and always have jobs coming open. I still work in the middle school so I will check on what we have coming open.

    We are in the east suburbs of Columbus.

    Thank you for getting in touch!
    Interesting thread about coaching the several days.
    I don't read Yappi quite as often, now that my sons are out of high school, and this hit a nerve.

    It prompts me to do a bit of wrestling networking for my middle son, Ben Heyob, who graduates today from Kent State. He's a natural teacher and coach. Ben is actively looking for a teaching/coaching role for the next school year here in SW Ohio (or anywhere else, but you know what I'm pulling for).

    His degree is middle childhood education (4-9) in social studies and English. If you know of anything, would appreciate a heads up.


    God bless!

    Ray Heyob
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