Avon Lake vs Revere game end in Brawl.


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It has been reported on Twitter that the Revere vs Avon Lake game ended in the second quarter with Avon Lake up. Apparently benches emptied, punches were thrown and then the crowd may have gotten involved? As a Lacrosse dad who's kid plays at a private school I know Lacrosse parents can be pretty pretentious sometimes. I can't see parents from Revere and A/L getting into a donnybrook. Does anyone know what happened. When we played Revere they played physical but they didn't give anything out physically that was cheap. They have a heavy set kid playing attack that trucked one of our players but in all honesty he had taken enough of slashes and cross checks to frustrate a saint before he gave a shoulder to someone. The Poles played physical but nothing was over the top. I haven't seen A/L since last year so I can't really speak much about them other than last year they were pretty bad overall.


It’s sad when things get that heated. The refs need to take control. I know it is easy to Monday morning QB. However, I have seen refs pull coaches aside and give warnings. I did hear that both teams may be suspended for 2 games each.

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Heard the same thing about game, played more like football than lacrosse. Kids took offense and then went downhill from there.