Any thoughts on bball??


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I think we should b strong this year and could take the NBC. We won't lose a home game due to that crazy cockpit of ours!



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Alliance should be strong but needs to play a tougher non conference schedule to help in the tourneys......means nothing to win the NBC and go 20-0 then lose the first game in the tourney....


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The NBC itself is always a tough conference to play matter who you're playing. I think they've got a pretty tough non league schedule as well in FITCH, ST. THOMAS, AND CENTRAL CATHOLIC.

Hopefully this year we don't go 1 and out.

I'm gunna go out on a limb here with tina and say that with the support of the cockpit* crazies...they shouldn't lose a home game. Anyone who's heard of Carrollton's 'black hole' needs to come up to Alliance and check out the cockpit*


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def. bushman b/c the cockpit crazies will def. give the blackhole a run for their money!!!!!


GO ALLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!


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the black-hole is a bunch of 10 year olds trying to hang out with the few highschool kids in the student section. its loud because the gym is just big enough for the court and 100 fans
whats this cockpit crazies going to be like....since i can remember alliance has had a weak student section with like 15 kids actually cheering if they were lucky....and if they still have to sit up top in the bleachers that is stupid...they need to be on the floor or in the blue seats doin that would fire the team up more and the students would enjoy it better....