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No long story needed to sum up what this blog will be about......

Small office with cubicles

Department population
6 workers in area

All 6 converse daily to get work done

Me, Super (aka Supervisor), Flakes, Giggles, Candy & Shorty

Blog will consist of the daily interactions in which allow for me to contemplate putting my head through a wall.
Where I sit ........

Picture a square with four corners set up like below


Then you have 2 random desks situated so they are not attached to the "sqaure" of cubicles. If each # represented the worker, then this would be the floor plan of the office in which we sit.....


Who sits where??
1 = Shorty
2 = Giggles
3 = Flakes
4 = Me
5 = Super
6 = Candy

The way we face at our desks is an instant advantage to me. Nothing is behind me except for a wall and I look at the backs of both Flakes & Candy. Unless they turn completely around, they can not see me at all. I also can see Super. She can see me with a slight turn of the head to her right. Shorty & Giggles can not be seen from where I sit and they cannot see me either.
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Candy calls home to ensure children woke up for school & apparantly the dog is barking at the house.

Candy: (to Super) "Holy crap, could you hear that?"
Super: "Hear what?"
Candy: "You really couldn't hear that? It was so very loud"
Super: "No, hear what?"
Candy: "O-M-G, it was so crazy. My dog NEVER barks and it barked when I was on the phone just now."
Super: "Oh really?" (slowing walking back to desk while hiding lack of interest).
Candy: "I'm shocked you could not hear that."

90 seconds later..........

(Flakes just walked into our office area)

Candy: "Flakes, did you what I just told Super?"
Flakes: "No but tell me tell me tell me!" (word for word and actual excitement in tone)
Candy: "You'll never believe this either. My dog NEVER barks and when I called home, I heard the dog barking."
Flakes: "WOOOOOOW, I bet your kids were playing with him."
Candy: "I sure hope so and that he's not trying to tell me that something is wrong or someone is hurt."
Flakes: "Well did your son say if anything is wrong?"
Candy: "No, but he's only 8 so I wouldn't be surprised if the dog was taking charge in that department."

My headphones have now been placed over my ears; music turned on.
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Flakes: (tugs on pants while standing) "Hmmm"
Candy: "Are they falling down on ya?"
Flakes: "No, I feel like the buttom on them is going to shoot off."
Candy: "Hey Super, did you hear Flakes? She's going to shoot your eye out."
Super: "Ha ha ha" (genuine laugh) .... "Why does that sound familiar?"
Flakes: "I think it's from a movie."
Candy: "Is it really? I hear my husband say it all the time. Didn't know it was from a movie though."

:wallbang: :wallbang: :wallbang: :wallbang:

Flakes: "Oh, Super, I just got off the phone with Freddy (Flake's husband), and he got major daddy points."

Super: "Yea? How's that?"

Flakes: "Haley (Flake's daughter) forgot her trumpet at home and so Freddy zipped right out of the house and rescued the day."

(long pause) .......

Flakes: "Super, you hear that?"

Super: "I'm sorry, I was adding some numbers just then. Who got brownie points?"

Flakes: "Oh my gosh Super! You just said brownie points when I said daddy points; you are too funny!"

(short pause) ......

Super: "I could totally go for a brownie right about now."

:Ohno: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

(Candy on the phone with customer)....

Candy: "I can place you on hold to speak to my supervisor if you would like."

(long pause as she listens to customer respond)

Candy: "That's so funny, we have a bag of those in here too! Are they not the greatest gift from God or what?"

(long pause as she listens to customer respond)

Candy: "Have you tried the candy corn flavored because they are UN-FREAKING-AMAZING!"

(short pause as she listens to customer respond)

Candy: "Right right, I know exactly what you're saying. Ok, well I hope all works out for you. Thanks again for calling."

Super: "Hey Candy."

Candy: "Yea?"

Super: "Weren't you going to transfer that call to me?"

Candy: "OH SILLY MONKEY!! I totally forgot about that but I think she did too."

Super: "How did you guys forget?"

Candy: "Not really sure, we started talking about the new M&M flavors and you know how I get with my candy. I guess she's the same way too ha ha ha."

........ and now you know why I refer to her as "Candy" :laugh:

(Giggles on cell with boyfriend)

Giggles: (Loudly states) "Wait, what?"

(short pause)

Giggles: "Um, no. Please do not put brown sugar on the pot roast."

(hangs up phone on boyfriend out of frustration)

Giggles: "Did you all hear that? He was going to put brown sugar on the pot roast."

Shorty: "Ha Ha Ha. Did you explain that he's probably thinking of ham?"

Giggles: "Yea, he's an idiot. He said he thought we've had brown sugar roast before."

Flakes: (under her breath) "That's what I do."

Giggle: "What did you say Flakes?"

Flakes: (hesitant tone) "I put brown sugar on meat...... at times ya know."

Giggle: "Yea but on pot roast?"

Flakes: (loudly) "Oh God no, that would taste awful."

....... awkward silence......

Giggle: "Yea, exactly."

Coolguy: "Is Super off today?"

Flakes: "I have no idea at all. I may text her here in a minute to check."

Coolguy: "Nevermind, I think I remember her saying she was taking off now that I think about it."

Flakes: "Oh ok... (long pause) ... I guess her son is home sick then?"

Coolguy: "I couldn't tell you."

Flakes: "Well then how did you talk to her about her off day today."

Coolguy: "I remember her saying it yesterday afternoon."

Flakes: "But she didn't say that her son was or wasn't sick?"

Coolguy: "Um Nope."

(long pause)......

Flakes: "I didn't know if maybe she came in earlier and said something?"

Coolguy: "Earlier today?"

Flakes: "Yea."

Coolguy: "Well, you WERE here before me." (like EVERY FREAKING DAY)

Flakes: "Oh.... I guess that's true."

(long pause) .....

Flakes: "I think I'll shoot her a text and see if her son is sick."

Coolguy: (drops shoulders and shakes head slowly behind Flakes' back).

:shrug: :shrug:

(Flakes trying to open drawer to file cabinet) ...

(snapping noise) ...

(Flakes sits up in chair, turns to face Coolguy, and just sits & stares at him)

(Coolguy maintains eye contact with computer and has headphones on despite knowing Flakes is staring at him)

Flakes: "Um hey?"

(Coolguy purposely ignored initial greeting pretending that music is too loud)

Flakes: "Yo, Coolguy."

Coolguy: "What's up?" (removes just one ear bud of headphones)

Flakes: "You can call me He-Man now."

Coolguy: "Oh yea?"

Flakes: "Yea.......... do you know why?"

Coolguy: "Why's that?"

Flakes: (holds up broken handle to file cabinet) "See, I'm He-Man... Ha Ha Ha Ha (snorts) Ha Ha. OH MY GOD MY THROAT!"

Coolguy: (offers a slight courtesy laugh) "Oh wow, you broke it." (very dry, low tone response).

30 seconds later .............

Flakes: (spins chair to face Super, then stands up tall and shoots arm in air with handle in grasp) "SUPER!"

Super: (wide eyed based on volume of Flakes' voice) "Yes?"

Flakes: " I ....... am HE-MAN!"

Super: "Oh, that's funny." (slight sarcasm that Flakes does not pick up)

Flakes: "Ha Ha Ha."

Super: "Anyone want to put a lunch order in somewhere?"

Shorty: "Yea, I will."

Flakes: "Sure what are we thinking."

Candy: "Absolutely, I could murder someone for some food. But please, no Jimmy John's, we get that ALL the time."

Super: "Yea, I think we've had that now the last 4 or 5 times we've ordered. Giggles, Coolguy, food?"

Coolguy: "No thanks."

Giggles: "Ummmmmm, no I'm going to be good today. Me and Johnny (boyfriend) are doing a diet plan that we've been keeping up."

Super, Flakes & Shorty (in unison): "Awwwww yay!"

Giggles is largest of the bunch here

Super: "Giggles I'm so proud of you, how many days have you guys been doing this now."

Giggles: "Yesterday was our first day. We count our calories and limit ourselves to a certain amount each day."

2 minutes later

Candy: "So.......... Wendy's?"

Super: "Sounds good to me. Flakes? Shorty? You good with Wendy's?"

Flakes & Shorty: "Yup!"

Giggles: "Does anyone know how many calories are in their bacon cheesburgers?"

Candy: "Well, probably a lot to be honest."

Giggles: "I'll look it up later, mark me down for that though. If I don't have a splurge day, then I won't survive this diet."

Candy: "Well, yea that's a good point."
Everyday schedule:
Coolguy in office and at desk by 6:30am; Super, Flakes & Candy by 7:00am; Shorty & Giggles by 9:00am.

Flakes off on Mondays; Everyone else works M-F


It's 7:45am and only Super & myself are in office.......

Super: "Hey Coolguy, has Candy called or text you about being late today?"

Coolguy: "Nope, I've heard nothing."

Super goes into meeting at 7:30am; Candy walks into office at 7:45am

Coolguy: (walking past Candy's desk) "Good morning."

Candy: "Oh hey, you're here early."

Coolguy: "I'm here at 6:30am every day."

Candy: "Since when?!" (louder, more emphasis on "when")

Coolguy: "Only 6 months." (continues walking past desk to printer)

Super returns from meeting to see Candy is now in office

Super: "Hey, you made it."

Candy: "Yea, I forgot about turkey week dress up so I had to run home."

Super: "Dress up??"

Candy: "YEA! What do you think?"

(Candy stands up from desk and shows us these brown sweatpants she's wearing with miniture turkeys pressed on ALL OVER the pant legs and butt)

Super: "Oh..... my ...... goodness. What are those?"

Candy: "I wear these every year on the Monday before Thanksgiving to show my turkey spirit. Wait til you see what I have on tomorrow."

Super: "Well, let's hope you don't have any meetings today."

Candy: "Just 2 today, but I bet the clients LOVE them. I always get good reviews with these."

(Super walks into office, glances my way and sees my red face and tearful eyes from laughter.)

....... Super shuts her door.
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Picture these.... but with each turkey being doubled in size and about twice as many on Candy's pants than what you see here. :laugh: :laugh:


Candy: "I gotta stop glancing at my leg when I'm writing something down."

Nobody responds for about a minute

(Candy stands up to walk into Super's office)

Candy: "These friggin pants are making me hungry it's not even funny."

Super: "Ha Ha I bet they are." (an obvious courtesy laugh)

Candy: "I can't believe no one else dresses up for turkey week here."

Super: "Yea, we just do Halloween and that's pretty much it with dressing up."

Candy: "You guys need to embrace the holiday a little more; be festive!"

........ Super trying to concentrate but Candy not leaving Super's desk area ......

Super: "So you were saying about lunch....?"

I'm sitting at my computer typing away with email responses when I hear the shuffling of feet on the office carpet. Candy is walking to her desk wearing a plain brown colored sweatpants and matching plain brown sweatshirt (no hood).

I'm not real sure what to assume here...... Did she dress up like she said she would? Is this just the "festive" outfit she's going with today?

Candy & I hear the door open and close at main entrance and figuring it's Super, Candy quickly takes a backpack and darts for the bathroom :shrug:

Super walks back into our department and sits at her desk.....

Super: "Morning Coolguy."

Coolguy: "Good morning."

Super: "Is Candy here?"

just as my mouth opened to respond ....


you can hear the muffled echo for the bathroom is right next to Super's office door.

Door opens, and there is candy ready to show off her......... belt? :confused:

Candy: "Ok, do I look like a turkey now?" (she's standing face forward toward us)

Super: "Aww, the pink rosy cheeks are a nice touch. You look cute."

Candy: "Oh but just you wait. This isn't a normal belt here kiddos."

(Candy turns around to show the back part of the belt)

Super: "Oh my goodness you have feathers!!" (actual excitement)

Candy: "Do you have any idea how long it took to do this? But so worth it."

(belt has featers pinned to back of belt. Each feather is lammenated and was cut from different colors of construction paper.)

Super: "You really made all of this?"

Candy: "Aaaaannnnnnndddddd......" (presses button to a remote in her pants pocket)

(turkey gobble noise is heard from Candy's pants pocket)

Super: "HAHAHAHAH ...slight snort ... HAHAHAHA" (again, genuine laugh)

Candy: "I'll be gobbling at you kiddos all day today."

Coolguy: :( :( :( :( :(
4.5 hours since I've posted the previous blog entry.......

I think I've heard the gobbling about 5-6 times; all with the same phrase to follow.....

Candy: "My pants are gobbling at you!"

Luckily, she's done this when walking to the printer (away from my area) as she approaches someone whom has yet to hear your pants "gobble."

I got to work early today (need to leave early) and went right to my desk to check the email before getting to my workload for the day. It's 6:25 AM at the time I hear the slightest knock on our side door (glass door, employee entrance). At first I'm not real sure if what I heard was a knock or just something with the printer since I was printing out some documents.

About 1 or 2 minutes go by and then it's pounding noise, definitely a knock this time. I take just a small step away from my desk so I can peer at the door and notice it's Candy standing there. I walk over for it's still dark outside and I had assumed she had her hands full with whatever it is she's carrying.

Coolguy: (while opening door) "Need help with anything?"

Candy: "No, it's just me. I left my keys at my desk"

Coolguy: "Oh gotcha."

.... we both walk back to our desks .....

Candy: "OH... silly monkey! Looky what I just found."

.... my head is down and I assume she found her keys somewhere.....

Coolguy: (picks head up to face Candy) "What's that?"

Candy: (presses button on remote gobbler) "Now my desk is gobbling at you!!!!"

Coolguy: (smirks) "That's funny." (obvious sarcasm)

Candy: "You're probably the only one who laughed at this. I think everyone else was a little scared of it."

......... You know, I could point out that several people laughed hysterically at this dang thing yesterday (not sure how), but I just put my head back down. Thankfully when sitting at her desk, Candy has her back to me. I can't imagine actually having to make eye contact when she talks. It's too damn early for this crap. :mad:

Employees take turns bringing in some sort of treat when it's someone's birthday. Today is Candy's turn in the rotation to bring in an item for an employee's birthday.

8:00 AM -- Candy (still at home) calls Super to inform her that she will be in late. Super is on the work phone as her cell rings (laying face up on desk). Super attempts to hit the silent button because she failed to do so upon arriving to work; so instead we all here (loudly) ...... "WAKE UP IN THE MORNING FEELIN' LIKE P. DIDDY ...."

Super believe she hit silent, but she (somehow) hit's "speaker".......

Candy: "OK, crisis alert biggie time Super"

Super: "Can I call you right back" (talking on work phone)

Candy: "PA-LEASE do not leave me hanging here"

Super: "OK, bye" (to work phone) ..... "I'm here Candy! What's up?"

Candy: "Blue icing...... all over my windshield."

Super: "Blue icing?"

**for some reason, Super is failing miserably in her attempts to take phone off of speaker**

Candy: "Yes 30 mini cupcakes with blue icing are now all over my windshield and I'm going to be late coming in.

Super: "Well, ok, I guess I'll see you when you get done cleaning all that up, ha ha ha"

Candy: "That's only the beginning, because I don't think I can get the neighbor's cat off of my car."

Super: "Why is your neighbor's cat on your car? It's like negative five degres out there."

Candy: "Uh Super ....... remember, BLUE ICING?!?"

Super: "I didn't think cats liked icing."

Candy: "Apparently they do. Must be the milk that is used in icing I guess."

:wallbang: :wallbang:

Giggles: "Hey guuuuuyysss. Have you seen what's coming to Cincinnati?"

Shorty: "Yea! I'm surprised Coolguy didn't say something earlier. How excited are you Coolguy?"

Coolguy: "Wasn't sure if it was official just yet. But yea, pretty pumped to go downown and take it all in with my Dad and buddy."

Shorty: "Aw, you guys will have so much fun too."

Giggles: "Coolguy, you joking or serious about buying tickets?"

Coolguy: "I'm not sure about getting tickets since they're bound to be expensive. But I'd like to go down for the fan fest and hit the bars and see if any balls come close to hitting the river during the home run derby."

Giggles: "Home run derby?"

Coolguy: "Yea, they have one every year the day before the All-Star game. You didn't know that?"

Giggles: "Umm, I wasn't talking about the All-Star game. I assume that's baseball right?"

Shorty: "Well what were talking about with what's coming to Cincinnati? I thought you were talking baseball too."

Giggles: "You guys disappointment me. NKOTB is coming here."

Flakes: "What's that stand for?"

Giggles: "Sheesh!!! New kids on the block. You know, Step by step (singing, well attempting to sing), Oh baby!"


...... From 6:30 AM up to me posting this, I've sneezed maybe 4-5 times. This usually happens with allergies. Not sure about today for I don't feel sick and am not congested in any way.

......After the most recent sneeze, "Flakes" (whom sits infront of me) gets up from desk....

Flakes: "Ok Coolguy, I guess you're allergic to me today."

Coolguy: "Huh, yea sounds like it." (low tone as I attempt to maintain focus on work)

Flakes: "Well, I guess I'll have to take a bath tonight for ya."

......... no reponse, Flakes sits back in chair........ silence for 30 or so seconds........

Flakes: "Yup, it's gonna be a bath night for this gal. Gotta save Coolguy for sneezing to death."

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Perfect image as I leave work today.

No dialogue to really note of today thus far, but a few things to note of.

These ladies must either have some sort of partial-ownership of Jimmy John's or have absolutely the worst taste in food known to man. It is astonishing to see just how often one, two, or all 5 of them decide to order that crap for lunch. The smell in this small office is terrible, they all huddle around the same computer to input the online order, they chew obnoxiously loud, and they all order pickle spears which just adds to the smell and makes me cringe when I hear something like, "Gotta have my pickle."

I use to think that since the location was new to the area (last year) that this is why they order it so often. I now know that it is probably chosen so often because they deliver and they are very quick at delivering.


Also, not to humor anyone or simply to create anything to give me material (trust me, 8 hours here and you have PLENTY of material) but rumor is that we are hiring someone for our department. Typically we have 1-2 new employees in the company after 4-6 months. We're expanding but we do have a few departments in which we have a higher than wanted turn-over rate. But we haven't had a new addition to our department since Candy arrived nearly 1 year ago. So, not only will be interesting to see if our desk positioning will changes, but will be even more interesting to see who it is that we hire. I feel like Pboy saying this, but dang do I need a guy back here! Just give me someone I can take 1-2 minutes out of the day to discuss sports with or something on TV other than American Idol, The Voice, or The Bachelor.

I leave work early today (HOORAY!) ........ so this is likely the only entry for today.

Well, Super informs us all that we have officially hired someone for our department and that this new employee starts work on Wednesday. Candy & Shorty were trying to get the scoop on which one it is (we've seen a few enter Super's office for interviews over the recent weeks). The only thing I heard is that it is another woman (no surpise) and that she has a few kids. I never really paid attention to who was entering Super's office for the interviews but I guess Shorty which particular person it is that's being brought in.

Only thing I can hope for is that she isn't spitting out garbage that makes me put my head through a wall and thus take out my frustration on here. Fingers are crossed that our department follows the lead of a very specific department here when it comes to recent hires. Another department (which I see maybe 1 time per day) has hired 2 new employees; both female, young, and easy on the eyes. The long walk to the copier is a little nicer now than it was a month ago.

Flakes: (under her breath) "Oh, remind myself to tell Super about scary dream."

2-3 minutes go by, Super comes in office and take a seat at desk ......

Flakes: "SUPER! Just the girl I've been waiting on."

... after hearing "SUPER!" , Super slightly jumps, turns head toward Flakes with wide-eyed expression....

Super: "Well, I'm right here, ha ha." (sarcastic laugh)

Flakes: "I dreamt Christopher was work." (Christopher is Super's son)

Super: "My Christopher?"

Flakes: "Yup! You're Christopher indeedy."

Super: "Oh that's funny." (low tone, slight sarcasm)

Flakes: "I know right? He was handing me a paper and I asked if he knew that Tim McGraw was coming to Cincinnati."

Super: "Oh ha ha. Yea, he really like Tim McGraw too."

Flakes: "I just thought it was weird. I kept asking myself, 'Why am I dreaming of Christopher', but couldn't think of a reason."

Super: "Yea that's a little odd."

...... Christopher is 14 years old. .....

I'm not so sure I would talk about a dream I had if it involved a 14 year old daughter of a co-worker. :Ohno:

Well, the new employee for our department has officially arrived................. on the 1-10 scale, here's your breakdown of hotness ...

6 Juice (new employee)
0 Shorty & Super
-1 Giggles
-2 Flakes & Candy

We'll refer to the new employee as "Juice" in this blog simply because she packed 3-4 bottles of that V8 Splash juice for today. Since most readers (probably 4 out of the 5 of you) are going to ask for the description, I'll do my best to feed the baby birds....

best guess on height is 5' 8" (all legs), blonde hair, cute face. No more details needed.... gotta keep your imagination going :D

Now, you know how it is sometimes when you see someone for the first time; you can't confidently judge the 1-10 scale at first glance. After a few days that number could easily go up to a 7 or down to a 5; time will tell. We have an employee from another department whom upon seeing at work is a solid 7; however, when she added me on FB and I see a few pics, it became a solid 9...... Same thing happened with another employee; initially getting a #7 rating, quick add on FB and a few pics later..... down to #5.

Just the way it is I guess. Surely this post today probably comes across creepy work guy --ish ..... Yea oh well, don't care.

Out sick yesterday and again today. Bitter-sweet as I feel like crap but am relieved from having to tolerate the co-workers.

Oh, and for the record, Juice doens't have FB. :dang:

I guess I have some catching up to do since it's been over a month. Had a poster make a thread asking for an update and said he looks forward to this. Again, seeing what I see on Yappi each day, I can only assume there's slight sarcasm to it. ;)

After a month or so I feel confident in the #6 rating for Juice. However, 2 new employees in another department have been hired in the last 2-3 weeks. Both are solid #8 ratings.... A shame that they work in another department, but it does make the trips to the copier a little more enjoyable.

OK...... So in the time off from this blog, my wife & I welcomed our first child and we couldn't be happier with the new addition to our family. Little girl as me wrapped around her finger already. I fear for the future for when my wife will have to be the one to say NO to the things our daughter requests. Anyway, how do you get a bunch of 40 year old women to triple the decible level in the office you ask????? .... Simply ask if they want to see a picture of a baby. It's one of the more amusing things you will see.

Look at those cheeks
How cute
So tiny
Love the outfit

.... I think this pretty much covers what you will hear anytime you share a picture of a newborn (especially a girl) to any woman. Not to mention the "I want another one" that you are bound to hear from the 40+ year old group, or in my case, Super, Shorty, Flakes & Candy.

I had a little too much fun with this. I wrote down those 7 phrases in a spreadsheet and kept tallies of what was said by each of the 6 co-workers. Bonus point if any of them used all 7 phrases when looking at the same picture. My first day back I showed them all a total of 6 photos that were taken at the hospital. Since then, I've shown them 4 different photos on 4 different days spread out over the last 2 weeks. I say the same thing every time, "Wanna see a new photo on my phone?" They all know what I mean, they all go YES, and I then record their scores.

As it stands....
Super (not surpised at all that she's winning) 32 pts
Shorty 24 pts
Flakes 23 pts
Candy 20 pts
Juice 12 pts
Giggles 11 pts

Not sure how long I'll keep this going. I might have to have projections with each photo I share to see how predictable each of them really are.

Bonus ........

Ok, I get it. Parents have little nicknames for their kids. Candy's son is known as "Monkey" ....... odd choice if you ask me and because half the brains on Yappi go this way, I'll clear it up quick..... Candy is indeed white.

Anyways...... I only know the nickname because I hear it all the time. It's to the point that if he is sick and we know about it, Super will ask Candy, "How's Monkey feeling?" instead of "your son" or you know ..... his actual name!

:wallbang: :wallbang:

Today is Super's birthday so it only makes sense that for a period of about 25 or so minutes the topic of discussion has been .......... cake.

big surprise ......

Apparentely Candy makes vanilla cake by using an actual vanilla bean and it makes it, "so super yummy" ......

ADD moment: I despise the word "yummy." ... yea yea, I get it, people will tell me to just wait since I have a newborn that I will be using that word in no time. I say NAY to this. I will not ever use that word; can't stand it. You can bank on Candy using the yummy word at least twice daily since that matches the number of meals/snacks she eats daily.

Flakes chimes in about her cakes and that she makes chocolate cake all the time......... no one really responds, a bit of silence.... and then she adds... "WITH coffee grounds." .... I stare at the back of her head in disgust. Maybe because I'm not a chef, I'm ignorant but I can't imagine eating a piece of cake with actual coffee grounds in it.

Flakes then talks about how her husband always prefers chocolate cake with chocolate icing and how they just love their chocolate so much..... that she could bathe in it. :mad: :mad: :wallbang: :wallbang:

Thanks, it's what I truly needed with this nasal congestion; the split second forced image of Flakes covered in chocolate. Thankfully, I am quick to play mind tricks on myself and I then imagined the chocolate covered Flakes being kicked repeately in the face by Cristiano Ronaldo. It was a great recovery on my part I may add.

........ As I was about to hit "submit reply" on this crap of a post, a few words comes out of Flake's trap .....

"ok, I'm stripping. Da-da-da" ..... she then takes off her fleece jacket she had on all morning.

.... again ...... :mad: :mad: :wallbang: :wallbang:

No mind recovery this time. Just a simple, "I'm going to lunch" one-liner and I'm out of here for 30 minutes.

Bonus ........

Ok, I get it. Parents have little nicknames for their kids. Candy's son is known as "Monkey" ....... odd choice if you ask me and because half the brains on Yappi go this way, I'll clear it up quick..... Candy is indeed white.

Anyways...... I only know the nickname because I hear it all the time. It's to the point that if he is sick and we know about it, Super will ask Candy, "How's Monkey feeling?" instead of "your son" or you know ..... his actual name!

:wallbang: :wallbang:


First quoted post because the info we found out today is very puzzling to me.

Like most conversations here, I have no freaking clue how they got on the particular topic. Like posted previously, Candy calls her son "Monkey" as the nick-name, pet-name, the wtf ever-name.

Monkey's name that we all know and recognize is "Gage" ..... So we all thought. It's what Candy's calls him when on the phone, when she tells a story, blah blah blah....... then somehow, talking about this kid and his teachers, Candy quotes a teacher but says the word, "Peter" instead of "Gage" :confused: :shrug:

Apparently this kid's actual birth name is indeed Peter.... Juice asks if Gage is the middle name and if other people call him Gage.

Candy explains .......

Kids/Teachers at school call him "Peter"
Friends/family outside of school call him "Peter"
Dad & sibling call him "Peter"
Candy (Mom) calls him "Gage" when not calling him "Monkey"

.................. uh what? ................

So at during pregnancy and at birth, Candy and husband couldn't agree on what name to give their son; Peter or Gage..... Obviously Dad won that battle but since Day 1 of this kid's life, his mother refuses to call him Peter because she feels it's a stupid name and call him Gage because she likes it better. :laugh: :laugh:

I truly feel for this kid; he's bound for therapy some day because his over-bearing mother refuses to call him by his proper name when it's obvious that he enjoys the name (his friends call him that). I've never heard anything like this before and am curious to see if anyone out there has .... ?


Happy Friday.