Alliance Football 2009

Wins in 2009

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I am really excited for football season. I think we could be really really talented. Gotta love the new coaching staff and the 2 backs we have. So tell me what you think and vote on how many games we will win.


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I picked 5 but I think they could take 6 again if they play like the well coached team they will be. I just don't see the talent there all the way around. They will have a good backfield but what Alliance team hasn't had a good backfield the past 6 years? They won't have a developed offensive or defensive line that can dominate in the NBC and we have learned time and time again this is where games are won and lost (Northwest, Louisville).

I said it when Schott was hired and I will say it again know...Alliance fans can't jump the gun here too soon with this guy. Just because we have a new coach does not mean we will go 15-0 right of the bat. There is a lot of growing the program needs to do to make great strides towards becoming a winning program again. It will happen, we just need to back the staff and program as a community and not throw Schott inc. under the bus right away.